2016 DHQ Call for Proposals

This Call for Proposals is now closed.

DHQ Special Issue: Creative Pedagogical Approaches in Information Design

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Submission deadline: 15 November 2016

Digital Humanities Quarterly invites submissions for a special issue on creative pedagogical approaches in the instruction of information visualization. Contributions are invited on methodologies, tools, and resources that practitioners have used to teach any facet of information visualization, which may include (but is not limited to) best practices in design, the use of specific tools, or data literacy. These approaches may include any resources, workshops, activities, or other materials that translate principles of information visualization both widely across as well as within specific disciplines, cultures of scholarship, and technical backgrounds. Alternatively, contributions may be submitted about theoretical and philosophical perspectives on information visualization that inform the ways in which visualization is taught, where “teaching” may encompass engagement with audiences at any level of academe (e.g., students, faculty, administrators, or staff).

Following guidelines provided by DHQ, submissions may include research articles, case studies, opinion pieces, or reviews, such as ones written about digital materials that have been used in teaching information visualization. Individuals who wish to submit pieces that are more experimental in form beyond the DHQ guidelines above should contact the editor (below) in advance to discuss feasibility and other options for execution.

The deadline for submitting pieces is November 15th, 2016. Full submissions should follow the author guidelines provided by DHQ and should be 10 – 20 pages in length, with the possibility of longer pieces approved in exceptional instances. (For more details about DHQ submission guidelines, please refer to the DHQ submission guidelines. Please send all completed submissions to the guest editor of this issue, Steven Braun (s.braun@neu.edu), with the subject line “DHQ Special Issue Infovis.” Please submit any questions or concerns about submissions to this address as well.

Submissions will undergo anonymous peer review through standard DHQ review processes, and the editor(s) will work with submission authors to ensure that final submissions follow appropriate guidelines for publication in DHQ.