Thank you for your interest in becoming part of our team!

Staff Positions

In the coming years, we will be expanding our staff in order to increase our knowledge base and better serve the Northeastern community. Current employees of the DSG have backgrounds in digital humanities, library sciences, and information technology. However, we welcome all curious individuals, regardless of academic specialty, who are committed to learning, research, and innovation and we value the fresh perspectives that their experiences can bring to our work.

Currently, we do not have any open staff positions. Opportunities will be listed at Northeastern University Careers under the Library division.


Student Positions

The DSG offers part-time, year long work for graduate students, encompassing a variety of roles within the department. Students will gain hands-on experience in a collaborative environment. Student positions are announced at the end of the academic calendar year. We especially encourage students with work-study grants to apply.

Current Opportunities



The DSG offers part-time, semester-long internships for graduate and undergraduate students, encompassing work on a variety of projects. Students will gain hands-on experience working on a digital project, work in a collaborative environment, and add to their portfolio. Project work could take the shape of developing contextual information around digital objects; contributing to digital archiving projects; building online exhibits; doing research on best practices in digital scholarship; mapping or data visualization projects; or some other form proposed by the student.

We especially encourage students with work-study grants to apply. While we partner with outside institutions, internships for course credit should be handled through your home institution.

If you have a suggested project proposal, please get in touch with us at

Current Opportunities


Visiting Scholars

DSG Visiting Scholars

The NULab for Texts, Maps and Networks and the DSG Visiting Scholars program enables visitors to spend time embedded in the DSG to pursue a personal research project or to learn by contributing to DSG activities. In partnership with the NULab, the DSG offers a vibrant intellectual community with a wide array of expertise and active projects in the domains of digital scholarship, digital humanities, and public humanities. Scholars are unpaid but receive a campus network/email account, regular mentorship and consultation, and space to work, and they are welcome to participate fully in the DSG’s meetings and working environment. They are expected to contribute actively to the DSG community, to make an informal presentation on their work at some point during their visit, and to submit a short final report which may be published on the DSG blog.

To apply, please send a proposal with the following information:

  • your name, affiliation, and contact information
  • a a description of the project you plan to pursue during your time with the DSG
  • an explanation of why you want to pursue this work at DSG and Northeastern (specific people or projects that are relevant to your work, specific resources, etc.)
  • the proposed dates of your stay

Previous Visiting Scholars have worked on projects including:

  • Building and using digital archives as windows into conceptualizing the relationship of the digital archive to literary history (Katherine Bode, Fall 2014)
  • Digital formats and their effects on the formation of the book canon (Anna Spatz, Spring 2015)
  • Improving Wikipedia’s coverage of women and writing before 1900 (forthcoming)
  • Development of ontologies and linked open data (forthcoming)

Wikipedia Visiting Scholars

The DSG participates in the Wikipedia Visiting Scholars program by sponsoring a remote position focused on improving Wikipedia’s coverage of women and writing before 1900, building on the DSG’s expertise in early women’s writing through the Women Writers Project. Through the Wikipedia Visiting Scholars program, the DSG receives applications from interested Wikipedians, and sponsors a university computing account for the successful applicant. The successful applicant has access to all of the Northeastern University Library resources, as well as experts in women writers who will suggest topics needing development and resources for research. The Library will also purchase, where possible, ebooks in support of the subject area. In return, the successful applicant will improve content on Wikipedia, meet virtually with DSG staff to check on project progress (initially weekly, then monthly), and write a post for the DSG blog summing up the experience and outlining articles produced.

When we have Wikipedia Visiting Scholar positions open, we will take applications through Wikipedia Library’s main Visiting Scholar website.