We ask DSG projects to keep in communication with us; knowing more about your project helps us in many ways.

  • We can better assist you in data management and preservation efforts.
  • We have a better sense of what our projects need when it comes time to make internal decisions about infrastructure and development efforts.
  • We learn from your project experience, and encourage our other projects to do the same. We want to create a robust community of practice.
  • We are better able to publicize your project and do outreach on your behalf.
  • We like to keep our records up to date.

DSG project managers:

  • Please complete the following form and share it with appropriate staff before your annual check-in meeting.
  • We anticipate that the form may take 10-30 minutes to complete, depending on the length of your responses. Most questions can be answered in 3-5 sentences, but please write as much as you need to!
  • We encourage projects to write a brief annual blog post (either on the project site, or on the DSG site) highlighting their activity for the year, and this questionnaire should give you the base information needed for that annual blog post.

Thank you for your time! This information helps us plan for the future, and find additional ways to work with you. If you have any questions, please e-mail dsg@neu.edu.

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