CRRJ Project Launches Burnham-Nobles Digital Archive

On October 28, 2022, the Civil Rights and Restorative Justice (CRRJ) Project launched the Burnham-Nobles Digital Archive, a collection documenting racially motivated violence targeting African Americans in the Jim Crow South.

Northeastern University School of Law students, along with historical scholars, pro bono attorneys, and students from other universities, have put in over 15 years of work that have resulted in the Burnham-Nobles Digital Archive, which is the most comprehensive archive on racial homicides ever collected.

The Digital Scholarship Group assisted in bringing this data into full digital form, and developed a web application to make it available to the public and enable it to be searched, explored, and analyzed. DSG will continue to work with the CRRJ Project team to support and expand this application over time. The Archive is built on open-source architecture, offering users of all kinds the opportunity to learn about how violence affected people’s lives, defined legal rights, and shaped politics during the Jim Crow era.

Click here to explore the Burnham-Nobles Archive.
Click here to explore the CRRJ Project website.