Design for Diversity at Museums and the Web 2019

Mattie and Amanda presented at Museums and the Web 2019 in Boston, MA from April 2-6, 2019. Museums and the Web is an annual conference that highlights and features research and exemplary applications of digital practice in various heritage institutions.

First, Mattie and Amanda presented the Design for Diversity Learning Toolkit in the Web Crit where they received feedback regarding the usability and content displayed in the Toolkit.

Additionally, Mattie and Amanda presented a Lightning Talk entitled, “The Design for Diversity Toolkit: Inclusive Information Systems in Museums.” They highlighted the case study, “Honoring the Dead: A Digital Archive of the Insane Indian Asylum” by Stacey Berry and the study path, “Comparing Curation Styles: Collections Description Inside vs Outside of Mukurtu” by Sonoe Nakasone. Many thanks to Museums and the Web for making the video of their talk publicly available online here, and the full slides are available here.