DH Open Office Hours: Fall 2015

With the start of the new semester comes the start of this year’s Digital Humanities Open Office Hours! We’ll begin meeting on September 16th. These office hours are a great way for beginners to learn more about how to use different tools, or to turn an idea into a solid project. We’ll also share current and completed projects, as well as our experiences with many different facets of the DH world. This is a great opportunity to meet other students and faculty who are interested in DH and see what they’re up to. Participants include members of the NULab for Texts, Maps and Networks, staff members from the Digital Scholarship Group, faculty, librarians, graduate students, and more!

DH Open Office Hours will be held every Wednesday from 1 – 2 PM in the Digital Scholarship Commons Media Lounge.

These sessions are meant to be fun and conversational. We’ll have guided topics and questions, but the questions and topics brought in by attendees are always our priority.

We’ll start out the first session on September 16th by meeting the newest graduate students with DH interests, talking about our experiences in DH, and talking about our different projects, both past and present.

September 23rd, we’ll talk about the different tools that are common in DH scholarship, including Omeka, Neatline, and Voyant. We’ll also discuss the options the DSG offers to projects, as well as what weaknesses are common in DH tools.

September 30th will feature special guest Jim McGrath, to talk about DH and Social Media. Jim McGrath is currently doing a postdoc at Brown University in Public History. He received his PhD from Northeastern and is the former DSG Coordinator. (He’ll be a familiar face to many attendees!) His work on the Our Marathon Boston Bombing Digital Archive brought together both physical and digital history, including social media.

October 7th will be a part of Open Access October at Snell Library, one of many events to be held. We’ll discuss the intersection between open access scholarship and the digital humanities.

More information can be found at our event and wiki pages. If you have questions email us at DSG@neu.edu or contact us on Twitter @NU_DSG.

Post by Abbie Levesque, Digital Scholarship Group Coordinator.