DH Open Office Hours: Spring 2015!

Digital Humanities Open Office Hours for the Spring 2015 semester begin on Wednesday, January 21st (from 2pm-3pm). Interested in digital humanities? Not sure what DH is all about? Curious about what cool digital projects Northeastern’s faculty and students are hard at work on? Stop by! We meet weekly in the Digital Scholarship Commons. Important programming note: after this week’s meeting, our regular sessions will be held on TUESDAYS from 2pm-3pm.

DH Open Office Hours are regularly attended by faculty members and graduate students affiliated with the NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks. You’ll also find staff members from our very own Digital Scholarship Group, librarians, archivists, and occasional special guests! These sessions are meant to be accessible, informal, and conversational.

Last semester we covered a wide range of areas at DH Open Office Hours. We tested out digital tools like Voyant to explore new ways of reading and analyzing texts. We discussed the importance of scholarly investments in Open Access initiatives and the important role Wikipedia’s editors and contributors play in circulating and archiving cultural knowledge. We shared updates from events like the annual TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) Conference and Member’s Meeting. We read Dan Cohen’s “The Social Contract of Scholarly Publishing” and Stephen Ramsay’s “On Building,” texts that kickstarted interesting conversations on new models of publishing, the avenues digital scholarship creates for more collaborative work, and the ways academics talk about (or don’t talk about) digital work as a form of intellectual labor. And Roopika Risam (Salem State University) stopped by one week to offer advice to graduate students on academic writing in the field of digital humanities.

If any of those topics seem interesting to you, come visit us during DH Open Office Hours! If you’d like to learn more about something else, let us know that too! DH Open Office Hours are designed to serve the interests of the Northeastern community. If you have additional questions, please let us know: e-mail us (dsg@neu.edu) or talk to us on Twitter @NU_DSG.

Post by Jim McGrath, Digital Scholarship Group Coordinator