DRS Collection Profile: RISE Research Posters

Mariah Tauger/Northeastern University

Since 2012, the Center for Research Innovation has hosted the Research, Innovation and Scholarship Expo (RISE), an annual exhibition for students and faculty to present their research to the Northeastern community and “industry leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, and technology enthusiasts“. Each year RISE participants create nearly 400 posters to describe research activity at Northeastern covering a diverse range of disciplines, including computer and information science, engineering and technology, health sciences, humanities and arts, social science, as well as interdisciplinary topics. Here are just a few examples of the 1,486 posters exhibited at RISE since 2014:

Computer and Information Science:

Engineering and technology:

Health sciences:

Humanities and the arts:

Social science:


These and many other posters from RISE:2014, RISE:2015, RISE:2016, and RISE:2017 are currently available in the Digital Repository Service. RISE:2018 will be held on April 5 in in the Cabot Physical Education Center.