Grant funding is an important source of support for DSG projects, both to assist with the development of projects whose needs lie outside of DSG’s standard infrastructure, and also to support projects that have completed their incubator phase and are seeking to scale up. Although we most commonly provide grant-writing support to DSG projects, we are also happy to provide informal advice and consultation to any member of the Northeastern community. DSG staff have experience with humanities grant-writing and can help with various aspects of grant proposal preparation, including:

  • assistance with thinking about how the grant will fit into the larger project planning
  • planning and scoping the technical development portions of the project, including staffing needs
  • providing language describing DSG services and tools and the Northeastern University infrastructure for long-term data management and sustainability

To enable DSG to support your project effectively, please bear in mind the following:

  • please contact us at least three months in advance to discuss any grant proposal that involves DSG staff or resources
  • you should be prepared to include costs for servers and storage in your grant proposal budget; if you want to involve DSG staff time in your project, that will also need to be included in the budget

We are always happy to talk about potential ideas for grant proposals! Please contact us to make an appointment.