Latin American Jewish Writers and Artists

The Latin American Jewish Writers and Artists Project arose from Stephen Sadow’s interviews with Latin American Writers and Artists. The project is a series of 12 video interviews recorded in Argentina by Sadow himself in 2012, along with several works written about or by the artists.

The project's site allows the viewer to appreciate the beauty, the depth and the variety of the visual and plastic arts created by Jewish artists of Spanish and Portuguese-speaking Latin America. The site includes drawing, painting, sculpture, tapestries and the hybrid concept known as installations. The majority of the artists are Argentine, in part because it is the Latin American country with the largest Jewish population. Artists from Uruguay, Peru, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia and Brazil are also figure prominently on the site.

The artists included here identify themselves as Jewish, whether devout or not. Some of them work on specifically Jewish themes: family life, holidays, immigration, the Holocaust, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and other religious ceremonies. Others, perhaps because of the command not to make graven images, utilize more abstract forms when making Jewish art.